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Train carriage AISI C1060 Plain oiled Pivot pin

Train carriage AISI C1060 Plain oiled Pivot pin Also know as railway bolt, High Tensile Rail Bolt, being widely used in rail fastening. Product Description Introduction: Feedback: Related Products:

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Train carriage AISI C1060 Plain oiled Pivot pin

C-10 Knuckle Pivot Pin plain oiled
Plain (oiled), Bluing, Zinc, HDG, etc
45#, 60# steel,C1060
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):
Dia. 41mm or customized size
Manufacturing, Designing, OEM
Quality Control:
Inspection on each workshift/new batch material/machine adjustment
Kunshan Alex


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We are a leading  Railroad Insulator Manufacturer in China. We can also make other rail fastenings such as railway screw, plastic dowel, rail pad, railway insulator, rail fish bolt, railway base plate, rail anchor, railway shoulder, rail bolt, flat and spring washer, fastening system of E type/SKL type/KP type/Nabla type.

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We manufactures  Rail E Clip and Clamp,  High Tensile Bolt with Nut and Washer,  Rail Base(Tie) Plate,  Rail Fish Plate,  Rail Shoulder,  Rail Screw and Spike,  Fish Bolt with Nut and Washer,  Rail Dowel,  Rubber and EVA Pad,  Crane Rail and Light Rail,  Wooden Sleeper,  Auto Bolt and Other spare parts.


Company Information

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Kunshan Alex Railway Fastening Co., Ltd manufactures railway fasteners and standard components. As a leading railway fasteners manufacturers in China,with production license of Chinese railway Ministry, advanced technology, high precision inspection instruments and service, our products have been widely exported the USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, the UK, India, and South Africa etc.

We can provide products according to customers drawings and samples.Our main products are as following:

1. Screw spike/Coach screw/Drive screw/Sleeper Screw, Dog spike/Railroad spike/Lock spike/Cut spike,etc.

2. Rail clip/ Tension clamp/ E, R, SKL clip/ Pandrol clip/ Deenik clip

3. Swivel Bolts/ Track Bolt/ Special bolts/ U bolts/ J bolts/ Anchor bolts/ Foundation bolts/ Stud bolts/ Rod bolts/ Curved bolts/ Tunnel bolts

4. Tie plate/ Base plate / Rail plate/ Rail fixing base/ Rail Pads/ Sole plate/ Sole pad

5. Fish plate / Joint bar / Rail joint/ Splice Bar

6. Track bolt/ T bolt / Rail bolt/ Clamp bolt/ Inserted bolt/ Clip bolt/ Fish bolt/ Square bolt/ Rod bolt /Rail joint bolt

7. Clamp plate/ Rail spring clamp/ Anchor plate/ Steel clip

8. Rail Shoulder/ Rail sleeper Inserts/ Rail Anchors for rail sleepers

9. Plastic dowel / Guide plate/ Nylon insert

We are trying to supply the best products at the best price!

Train carriage AISI C1060 Plain oiled Pivot pin


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