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We take serious care of the quality control of any of its products, by means of advanced and specific testing instruments. We guarantee that 100% of the products we deliver meet or exceed our written specifications.

Our employees are continually working to maintain and improve quality in all of our processes, from product planning and development to material procurement,mould equipments, manufacture, heat treatment, surface treatment, packing, distribution, sales, and services

In order to supply good After-sales services, our company designated special person from the technical department and sales department to charge in the contact & services of the tender goods around the clock.

We shall take a comprehensive inspection on the products' quality,specifications, performance, quantity prior to delivery with product quality guarantee and inspection certificates. We put into production according to the bidding documents and the standard of the Ministry of Railways, and often contact with the buyers on the date to ensure the construction progress, we shall take all financial responsibility arised by delay of our delivery.

Technical Services and Training To ensure proper installation and usage of bidding materials at the construction site , our company promised to provide free technical service and on-site training and training manuals, so that the user can master the installation and maintenance of the railway. We guarantee to supply our customers with qualified products and good service, we will strive to make the greatest contributions to our railway constructions!


The clients rights are seriously protected,please feel save to order or inquiry.


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