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Tr thread screws

Tr thread screws
Model: Tr 22x142
Brand Name: ZBRF
Function: Anchorage rail fastening system
Materials: 5.6
Type: Tr threads
Coating: Zinc yellow
Standard: UIC864-2
Cold bending: 90 degrees without any cracks
Payment Terms : L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
Product Details
Size: Tr22x142MM
Material: 5.6
Zinc plated
With lock washer

We produce and supply T thread sleeper screws. Products comply with standard UIC864-2 or ISO 898-1,Grade 5.6. This products are specially design not only the special thread of Tr Threads, also because of the lock washer.

This set of screw is used for concrete sleepers together with plastic dowel.

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